Saturday, July 7, 2007


Alright so this is my very first post to this blog. As I type this is wonder just how many of these things have started out by saying "this is my first post". I don't suppose that it particularly matters as the number of people that will be reading this could be counted on my hands (and toes if I am as likable as I think I am). Anyhoo the whole reason for this blog is to keep those back in the USA informed about my adventures, exploits and musing in and about Japan. I am going to try as be as informative as possible.

I am also officially an adult so you all get to experience my colorful new vocabulary, my love of nicotine and booze, and the delightful psychosis that this country is bound to inflict upon me. So sorry Mom, Dad, Pope Benedict XVI but I plan to be as blunt as I can, 'cause that kind of writing is in and it would be neat if this got published (in a book[after Guia]). Also I find linguistics fascinating and you will be subjected what ever bit of information I find noteworthy.

Seeing as I am still in the Land of the Free this maiden posting isn't exactly following the all of the standards that this blog was created around. Then again it is my blog and I am bored, sitting in front of my new laptop and typing away. I have jumped through every flaming hoop that USAC has thrown at me thus far. I have one last task to complete before I can sit back and wait for my departure date to come. Over course this task is quite possibly the most heinous thing I have to do and that is obtaining a visa. Namely this entails me driving five hours to San Fransisco in order to wait in line at a government office. Hooray!